Java Test Automation Engineer

I decided to give them some programming tasks and review their work. The difference in my story is that I am not a programmer, I am a QA automation engineer with a little knowledge of the language compared to professional Java developers. I found it safer and easier for the team under my supervision to read the basics, solve problems, use the web driver, and so on. A QA Automation Engineer combines the skills of testers and programmers. Like manual QA specialists or testers, QA automation engineers monitor the quality of the product at various stages of development, testing, and operation. Like programmers, QA Automation Engineers are engaged in development, but they create a specific product to check the code of programmers.

Dynatrace exists to make the world’s software work perfectly. This enables innovators to modernize and automate cloud operations, deliver software faster and more securely, and ensure flawless digital experiences. That is why the world’s largest organizations trust Dynatrace® to accelerate digital transformation. You enjoy implementing automated End-2-End use cases to bring the automation level of Dynatrace to the next level.

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Try these to find a tool that integrates with the technology stack you are working on and speeds up the testing process. It’s worth noting that it is possible to have multiple browsers running on each node. However this is discouraged, and using one browser per node is considered best practice for optimum performance. The easiest way to use these in a local Selenium Grid is to construct a Docker Compose file within the root directory of your project. To get up and running, first you need to have Docker and Docker Compose installed on your machine.

Java Test Automation Engineer

Good knowledge of Java greatly simplifies the transition of a manual tester into QA Automation. During this period, I told them about the Spring and Maven projects as well as functional, integration, and unit testing. I taught them how to work with the JUnit and Mockito libraries. At this time, all the tasks that they solved became much more difficult and were combined into a single project. Everyone had to work on a task for three days and pass it on to a partner who optimized and verified the code, covering it with tests. Well, in the classroom during this period, we discussed the difficulties and learned to overcome them.

Career Myths: Is Automation Testing a Good Career?

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Top notch QA professional in Test Automation using C#, Java and Ruby-based frameworks with Selenium, Appium etc. SDET / Backend DeveloperShutterstock
Solid experience in Software QA Engineering. Strong experience in Test Automation of back-end, APIs and databases. For WebDriver Window, the getPosition and getSize methods will be replaced by getRect method and the setPosition and setSize methods will be replaced by the setRect method. Fullscreen and minimize methods will be available, so these actions can be performed within your test. Headless running can be performed with Chrome or Firefox, and Opera is built on Chromium and therefore Chromium testing is seen as sufficient for this browser.

Java Test Automation Engineer

He is also the creator of the YouTube channel, Whiteboard Testing. If you are a manual tester and want to be a QA automation engineer, learn Java and programming via these 10 steps. Selenium is a popular functional testing tool for web applications. As a Java Test Automation Engineer, you should be familiar with how to use this tool in order to effectively automate the testing of web applications. Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a key technology for many Java applications.

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Most automation engineers are self-taught since the profession demands constant scrutiny of new things. If you are willing to learn test automation, there are several books, online courses, and videos that can leave you with tons of information. From validating responses between APIs and databases to providing more technical details on those CSS errors, these all require a good understanding of popular programming languages. But in order to respond to unique specifications and create structured test scenarios, you need to think like the end-user. Automation testers are individuals who execute testing initiatives using automated test scripts. Throughout the Software Testing Life Cycle (SDLC), they design, write, maintain, and execute automated test scripts in order to minimize bug escapes and release on time.

  • Coding allows an automation tester to write scripts to maintain, monitor, and prepare test environments.
  • I also wanted to investigate if any new waits had been added to the Selenium API to improve the stability of any tests I created.
  • But it is certainly achievable without going through a multi-year university degree program (a Computer Science degree is considered a plus, but rarely a mandatory prerequisite like in law or medicine).
  • Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) is a platform for developing enterprise applications.

Request tracing with Hooks will also help you to debug your grid. It’s still under development, but as an alpha version has already been released, it’s worth taking a look at what improvements it will offer. Then, we can use this data to run our test under different network conditions. Within the test, the CommandExecutor will execute the command in the browser’s current session.

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As long as software exists, testing will always be needed to make sure they are fully functional. We’re an equal opportunity employer and embrace all applicants. Dynatrace wants YOU—your diverse background, talents, values, ideas, and expertise. These qualities are what make our global team stronger and more seasoned.

Richard and Mark have taught their famous Automation in Testing course together for five years and are very pleased to be bringing this Learning Journey to you with the Ministry of Testing. If the QA automation engineer is able to optimize the code, she is literally a gem of a specialist. During the course, I thought of teaching my students the basics of refactoring and optimization.

With over 10 years testing experience, he has a lot of insights into the world of testing and software development. Richard is a very active member of the testing community, and is currently the FriendlyBoss at The Ministry of Testing. Richard blogs at and tweets as @FriendlyTester.

Java Test Automation Engineer

Learn how to resolve conflicts between different versions of code. Once a week I asked my students to solve several easy tasks right in the classroom. If a student did not know how to solve some of them or if something went wrong, they moved on to the next task leaving the tough one.

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